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T2202s may not be issued in the following situations:
► Your course or program does not qualify. T2202 receipts are only issued for post-secondary courses of more than 3 weeks.
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Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based degree audit tool that allows students to track their academic progress towards their certificate, diploma or degree completion.

Desktop Security Tools

Need desktop encryption, anti-virus, link scanner, spyware, password management, or firewall tools? Choose one or more of the items listed inside.

Emergency Notifications

Information about TRU’s Alertus Emergency Notification Software

How do I Enroll in the Microsoft Authenticator App?

How to enroll in the Microsoft Authenticator App

Recommended Software for Students

Students can download a variety of software options onto their home computer. These software offerings can be helpful for online coursework and communicating with fellow classmates and professors.

Student Multifactor Authentication FAQ

Student MFA FAQ & Enrollment Instructions focusing on the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Troubleshooting CAPTCHA Errors During Student Registration

This article will guide you through troubleshooting steps to resolve the CAPTCHA error and successfully complete your registration.

Update Mailing Address or Phone Number

Steps taken for a student to update their mailing address or phone number via myTRU.

Microsoft 365 Information for Students

Microsoft Office365 for Active Thompson Rivers University Students

Student Network Account

Information about your Thompson Rivers University Student Network Account