Student Network Account (TRU ID / TID)

First time logging in?

You must reset your temporary password in the Password Reset Portal

*Please allow 24 hours after course registration for your account to be created


New Students

Your TRU ID (T########) will be the username for all systems including your student email account.

After receiving your TRU ID you will have access to the following systems:

Once Admitted :

Once Registered for a Course:

*Please allow 24hrs after course registration for your account to be created

Click here to learn more about your TRU ID.

Student's Accounts

Account Type User Name Password

Network login to lab computers

Wireless access (TRU or Eduroam)

Outlook email ( **has a different username**

Remote access to your private storage drive


myTRU (

TRU ID (Starts with T)
Example: T00123456

** Outlook email has a different username:
Example: **
The initial password for new students is: TRUddmmmyy (birth date).
Example: TRU01sep96.


Forgot your Password?

Log into the Self-Service Password Reset Portal and register a non-TRU email address for easy password reset on any device anywhere you have Internet access.

Click Here For Password Instructions


Common questions

Where can I find my TRU ID?
I'm a returning student. What happened to my old myTRU system emails?
Can I redirect my TRU Outlook email to a personal email address?
I want to use the wireless network on campus. What username/password do I use?
There are two wireless options on campus, which one do I use?


General FAQs

How do I get to myTRU?
I tried logging in too many times and now I am locked out?
I am a new student and have tried to log into myTRU/myID for the first time with my birth date in the TRUddmmmyy format but it does not work. What should I do?
I did not set up Recover My Password correctly and I cannot log in. How do I reset my password?
How often do I need to change my password?
What about pop up blockers?
What browsers are supported?
What is the browser cache?
Are my username and password secure?
What is the timeout on a myTRU session?


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