Student Remote Access

Remote access provides a method for remotely and securely accessing data from TRU network drives for your F drive. This can be done from off campus or by connecting to the TRU wireless network while on campus.

Although remote access does not allow you to connect directly to network drives like you would when on campus, it does allow desired files to be downloaded or uploaded to the local computer.

If you plan on using remote access, please ensure that you have first followed the instructions below on how to connect to the VPN.

How to Install and Connect to the Global Protect VPN (Windows)
How to Install and Connect to the Global Protect VPN (Apple macOS)

Please also disconnect from the VPN when not using TRU resources. The server may experience overload issues when too many users are all connected at once. The best practice is to connect, download and upload your files, then disconnect.


Remote Student Lab Access

While connected to the VPN you can now access the on-campus lab computers.  Please ensure you save regularly to your network drive or OneDrive while connected to this service as data is not saved beyond computer restart.

General Use Labs:

Reserved Labs:
To access these labs your faculty member must submit a class list of students permitted to use the lab resources

Williams Lake Students:

Walk-Through PC to Remote PC
Walk-Through Mac to Remote PC

These instructions are for connecting to a remote desktop session using a Mac OS X (10.13 or greater)

  1. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store 
  2. Ensure you have connected to the Global Protect VPN
  3. Select the computer you wish to connect to on the remote desktop dashboard and click connect to the right of the computer name.

  4. Download the RDP link to the computer.

  5. Open the RDP Link using Microsoft Remote Desktop
  6. Remote Desktop will attempt to connect with your computer credentials when prompted for username and password ensure you type mytru\ prior to your TRU ID. (Same as what you used to login to the VPN)

  7. Click continue on the certificate warning.

  8. You will see a progress bar as your session finalizes the connection.
VNC to Mac Instructions
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