Global Protect VPN Setup for Mac OS

To setup VPN on your Mac OS device, follow the instructions below.

If you have any issues connecting, please review the VPN troubleshooting solutions.


1. Ensure you have disconnected from an existing VPN portal or application before proceeding. 

2. Open a web browser and visit the appropriate portal for your role at TRU:

Students, Contractors, Non Employees Employees (Staff and Faculty)

3. Sign in with your TRU credentials

Students Contractors, Non-Employees
and Employees (Staff and Faculty)
  • Use your TRU ID number as your user name
  • Multifactor authentication is not required
  • User your TRU Network user name
  • Some accounts may require Multifactor Authentication

4. Download the Global Protect client version for your device.

5. Run GlobalProtect.pkg, select continue, then install.

Enter the user name and password for an administrator on your computer when prompted to allow the install.

6. Enter the appropriate portal for your role at TRU (see table above)

7. Log in using your network credentials. If you have Multifactor authentication enabled, check your paired device at this time to allow the sign-in.

If you're having trouble authenticating with DUO check out this video from DUO on how to authenticate.

8. Select the globe symbol in the top right to connect or disconnect. 


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