About AppsAnywhere

Using AppsAnywhere at TRU

AppsAnywhere is TRU's academic software delivery platform. Through AppsAnywhere, you are able to access all the software you need anywhere, anytime.

Getting Started with AppsAnywhere

The first time you go to AppsAnywhere there are very important steps you need to take:

Some of the apps in AppsAnywhere will also require you to use other TRU services, like the Global Protect VPN See App delivery methods below for more information. Setting these up in advance is also a good idea:

The software available in AppsAnywhere is for Windows only. Installing applications with AppsAnywhere on a Mac is not currently supported within TRU's AppsAnywhere service.

AppsAnywhere has many advantages over traditional student computer labs, but with the greater flexibility it provides comes the potential for a much greater variance in individual experience. If AppsAnywhere doesn’t seem to be working well for you, check out resolving (and avoiding) common problems in AppsAnywhere.

How does AppsAnywhere work?

App Tiles

App delivery methods

Finding apps: categories, favourites and Apps Lists


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