Campus Wi-Fi

There are 2 different types of wireless access at TRU. For more information click on your desired option below and follow the login instructions.


What do you need to connect?

  • Any modern mobile device
  • Your TRU Network Account
  • For individuals visiting TRU, log in using your home institution user name and password in the userid@domain format.
    For example, an SFU student would log in with
    Visitors wishing to connect to Eduroam at TRU must acquire support from their home institution.


Eduroam Wireless
TRU Wireless
Guest Wi-Fi



Location Wireless Access
Kamloops campus wireless bubble Available except for outdoor locations
Williams Lake Campus wireless bubble Available


Trouble Connecting?

If you are having trouble connecting to Eduroam on your Cellphone, you'll have to first forget the WiFi Network on your device, then download the GETEDUROAM App from your device's app store.

Next, follow the instructions below for Mobile Devices - GETEDUROAM App

When experience problems connecting a Computer or Laptop, please first forget first forget the WiFi Network on your device then try to add the network again.

  • Forget WiFi on Apple Computers
  • Windows 11:

    Select Start  Settings  Network & Internet

    Select Wi-Fi , then select Manage Known Networks

    Select the network you want to forget, then select Forget

  • Windows 10:

    Select the Wi-Fi network icon on the right side of the taskbar, then select Network & Internet Settings

    Select Wi-Fi , then select Manage Known Networks

    Select the network you want to forget, then select Forget

Mobile Devices - GETEDUROAM App

The quickest and easiest way to connect to Eduroam is to install the GETEDUROAM App from your device's App Store.

Manual Configuration Instructions

Setting up your connection this way is only required if your device is unable to automatically discover the necessary settings




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