Register a Network Device

What is This Service

Register a personal device on the TRU WiFi network, such as a Game Console or Smart TV. This allows devices without web browsers to connect to the TRU WiFi network.

Devices are only activated for up to 2 semesters. To reactivate a device for a new term, please submit a new ticket with information requested below.

Please note that we do not guarantee device compatibility with our wireless networks.

Who is Eligible

Faculty, staff, and students.

Where Can I Get This Service

Select Request Service on this page.

How Do I Use This Service

When requesting this service you must provide the following:

  • Contact Information
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • T-ID or Username
  • Computer Information
    • Location (Room Number)
    • System Name
    • Device Type
    • Wireless MAC Address
Register a Device


Service ID: 919
Fri 2/5/21 11:49 AM
Mon 8/22/22 9:17 AM