Student Outlook Web Access

**The way you sign in to your student email has changed**


Allow for 24 hours after registration for your email and Moodle account to become active.


Student Outlook Web Access Information

Link to Outlook Web Access

Please use to sign into your student email.

In order to log into your student email enter your myTRU login credentials:

Username: Your (Ex

Password: Your myTRU password

If you are unsure what you myTRU credentials are, please refer to our Student Network Account article.

Please note:  You must be either admitted into a program or registered in a course to have an Outlook Email Account.


Self-Service Password Portal Login Instructions


Go to and sign in with your Student 365 Account - Add to your Student TID (EX:

If you have not signed in to your TRU Microsoft Office Account before, you will be directed to provide more information for verification. Click Next if you see this message, then proceed to add a Verification Phone and/or Email Account.

If you experience any error messages during this process, please clear your browser cache and cookies. Instructions to clear your cache can be found at

When clearing your cache, please be sure to select "All Time" or a similar setting rather than only a shorter time period and ensure that both Cookies and Cached Files are cleared if such options are present. After your Browser Cache & Cookies have been cleared, visit Do not follow saved links or bookmarks you may have.

Once Logged In, you will see your new Student 365 Mailbox:

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