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Microsoft Office365 for Active Thompson Rivers University Students
Microsoft Office programs open in read-only mode on a Mac after an OS upgrade.
Images aren't loading in Microsoft Teams - how to fix this issue
Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Planner
Where can you access Training Resources for Microsoft 365?
Visit the Microsoft Support Page linked in this Article for Installing Office or Microsoft 365 Apps on your Mobile Devices
Beginning May 23, 2022, Outlook for Android will no longer support Android 7.1 or below. Users will need to upgrade their Android operating system to Android 8.0
Using Microsoft Teams on the Web to Install Teams Desktop on your Apple Computer
Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is your platform for collaboration with your colleagues. Teams allows you publish, share and work on documents collaboratively with your team. It also acts as the central hub for all of your team communication and planning.
Students can download a variety of software options onto their home computer. These software offerings can be helpful for online coursework and communicating with fellow classmates and professors.