Information Security

Select one of the services below for support with Information Security, Phishing Scams, Lost/Stolen TRU owned assets, and other Information Security Concerns.

Services (5)

Information Security and Privacy Awareness Training

Information security and privacy awareness training are an essential part of Thompson Rivers University’s (TRU) Information Security and Privacy Programs. TRU has made both online and face-to-face awareness training available to all members of the community.

Lost or Stolen Assets

Reporting Tool for Lost or Stolen TRU Owned Assets.

Institutional Standards & Policies

Standards and Policies that apply to all staff, faculty, and third parties who access University Information.

About Information Security

The ITS Information Security Team includes ITS managers and staff from Technology Services, Enterprise Systems, Client Services, and the Information Security Office.

Incident Response

Responding to malware, identity theft, and other incidents