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The Breach Protocol provides guidance on the steps that TRU will follow when there is evidence that confidential information has been accessed without authorization.
This standard establishes the process for creating and maintaining “Generic/Shared Accounts” for network and system access.
Change Management establishes the process for controlling modifications to hardware, software, firmware, and documentation to ensure that information resources are protected against undocumented modification before, during, and after system implementation.
A standard addressing notebooks, netbooks, USB flash drives, and any other mobile storage media.
MFDs now combine printing, fax, scanning, email, and copy functions and include the ability to store and share large amounts of data over networks. This standard addresses the minimum configuration to meet the University's security requirements.
Guidance on minimum password strength and usage for TRU systems.
Thompson Rivers University Policy Documents
Smart phones such as BlackBerrys and iPhones which are used to access University systems such as email, require a number of unique security measures.


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