Mobile Device Standard

A standard addressing notebooks, netbooks, USB flash drives, and any other mobile storage media.

Notebooks/netbooks/USB drives/other storage media

Adopted by the Information Security Committee - April 20, 2010

All TRU employees using mobile computing devices such as notebooks, netbooks, and USB drives or using any other data storage media such as CD’s and DVD’s, must ensure that these devices meet the following minimum security standards;

  • any files containing confidential information stored on these devices must be encrypted and secured with a strong password
    • Example file types: spreadsheets, databases, text, presentations, images, audio/video recordings.
    • See the Information Classification Standard for examples of confidential information types.
  • access to the device must be secured with a strong password
  • the device must be physically secured at all times
  • if lost or stolen the owner must inform TRU Security or the TRU IT Service Desk as soon as possible
Contact Information:

TRU Security – 250-828-5033 or email
ITService Desk – 250-852-6800 or email


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