Moodle Support

What is This Service

Moodle is TRU's Learning Management System. Students use Moodle to complete coursework and assignments, as well as stay in contact with their instructors and peers. Faculty use Moodle to facilitate course delivery, both for campus and Open Learning courses. You can access Moodle here: Moodle Login

Who is Eligible

Employees and Students

Where Can I Get This Service


Employees are able to access the Moodle platform using their employee network credentials.
For information on how to use the Moodle LMS, please start here:
You can find additional information here as well:
Within Moodle, you can also find the Teaching Unbound course: Teaching Unbound


Students are able to access the Moodle platform using their student network credentials.
Students can find further information on using Moodle in the Learning Without Walls course here: Learning Without Walls

Request Service


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Fri 10/13/23 11:44 AM