Moodle (Faculty/Staff)

First Time Logging In?

If you are a new faculty/staff member, you must change your password first. You will not be able to login to Moodle unless you have completed your first password reset.

Click HERE to go to the New Employee First Time Login page to see the instructions on how to setup your password for the first time.


Accessing Courses in Moodle

To access your Moodle courses go to and login with your network credentials.

Username: TRU STAFF ID ( jsmith )
Password: Network account password. (Same as your TRU password)


Campus Courses

Moodle courses are automatically created for all scheduled sections that have an instructor assigned, and you will have this access approximately eight weeks before the semester begins. If you are the instructor for a course, the course will appear on your My Courses list in Moodle. If you do not see your courses on your My Courses list, please contact Moodle Support with the course and section number for missing sections.


Frequently Asked Questions

When Will My Moodle Courses Show Under My Course List?

Moodle courses are created automatically approximately 8 weeks before a new semester begins.

If you would like a development site to work on your course prior to the release of the official courses, please fill in the Moodle Course Request form found at You will need to import this content into your course spaces when they are created.


For more detailed information about how to do this and many other Moodle functions, see

How Do Students Find My Courses in Moodle?

Visible courses are available to students under their My Courses tab. Your Moodle spaces will be hidden from students until you make them available. When you are ready for students to access your course:

  1. Click Settings located below the sites title
  2. Set the Course visibility drop down list to Show
  3. Scroll down and click Save and display

Detailed instructions are found at under the frequently asked question How come students cannot see the Moodle course?

How Long do Students Have Access to Moodle Courses?

Moodle courses will automatically be hidden from students 1 year after the semester end date. If a student needs access to the course after that date and before the course is archived, you can make the course available again. See the Frequently Asked Questions How do students find my courses in Moodle?

How Long do I Have Access to my Moodle Course Spaces?
Moodle courses will automatically be archived 2 years after the semester end date.

We recommend you save a backup of your Moodle courses so you can restore/reuse them without any wait times or delays. To save a backup of your Moodle course:

  1. Click More located below the sites title
  2. Select Course reuse, located at the bottom of the drop down list
  3. Select Backup from the drop down list located on the upper left (drop down defaults to Import)
  4. Scroll down and click Jump to final step
  5. Once the backup is complete click Continue
  6. Click the Download link for your file

We recommend you save the file in a safe location where you will remember putting it. You may want to save it in a folder on your network drive. You can restore the file in Moodle for future course use.

My Moodle Course is On-Going, How Do I Keep it Active?

If your Moodle course is for relaying ongoing information you can choose to keep it in one of the following categories:

  • TRU Committees
  • Support resources
  • Miscellaneous
  • Test Courses
  • TRU

Please submit a Moodle Support Ticket with your course full name, url and preferred category.

What if I Want to Work on a Moodle Space For a New Course or Information Sharing?

If you would like a development site to work on a new course prior to the release of the official courses or a space for information sharing, please fill in the Moodle Course Request form found at

I'm Having Technical Problems. Who Can Help?

Moodle Support

If that does not resolve the issue, then click HERE to request Moodle Support for Moodle related issues.

IT Service Desk

For all other issues (account access, software/hardware issues, etc), click HERE to submit a General Inquiry to the IT Service Desk.



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