Moodle (Faculty/Staff)

First Time Logging In?

If you are a new faculty/staff member, you must change your password first. You will not be able to login to Moodle unless you have completed your first password reset.

Click HERE to go to the New Employee First Time Login page to see the instructions on how to setup your password for the first time.


Accessing Courses in Moodle

To access your Moodle courses go to and login with your network credentials.

Username: TRU STAFF ID ( jsmith )
Password: Network account password. (Same as your TRU password)


Campus Courses

Moodle courses are automatically created for all scheduled sections that have an instructor assigned, and you will have this access approximately eight weeks before the semester begins. If you are the instructor for a course, the course will appear on your My Courses list in Moodle. If you do not see your courses on your My Courses list, please contact Moodle Support with the course and section number for missing sections.


Frequently Asked Questions

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