Password Reset

Before requesting this service, you can attempt a self service reset at

What is This Service

This service allows you to reset the password for a TRU account. 

Student Network Accounts include access to:

  • MyTRU
  • Moodle (once registered in a course)
  • Student Webmail (once registered in a course)
  • TRU Library Access
  • Campus Computer Access
  • Office365 (once registered in a course)
  • Remote Labs Access
  • IT Services Portal (TeamDynamix)

Staff Network Accounts include access to:

  • Staff Email
  • TRUEmployee
  • Office 365
  • Adobe Software Suite
  • Computer Access
  • IT Services Portal (TeamDynamix)

Who is Eligible

Employees and Students

Where Can I Get This Service

If you are unable to proceed with a self-service reset at, you can select Request a Password Reset on this page. 

Request a Password Reset

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