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Pass phrases are easier to remember, easier to type, and more secure!
A fake or "spoofed" website can look just like a company's real site. Look for these signs to spot a fake site.
Phishing is a common online scam designed to trick you into disclosing your personal or financial information for the purpose of financial fraud or identity theft.
Clicking a link or document in a malicious email can significantly affect TRU, beyond the risk it poses to the confidentiality of personal information.
Thompson Rivers University Policy Documents
If you forget your password, some systems allow you to use shared secrets to gain access and reset your password.
This standard establishes the process for creating and maintaining “Generic/Shared Accounts” for network and system access.
Pharming, pronounced farming, is a means of directing you to a fraudulent web site without your knowledge. The primary objective is to convince you to enter confidential data.
What is identity theft?
How identity thieves get your personal information?