When in doubt, don’t click

Clicking a link or document in a malicious email can significantly affect TRU, beyond the risk it poses to the confidentiality of personal information. One click can do a lot of harm — from tying up internal resources to investigate and resolve the problem, to crippling TRU’s technical capabilities and the ability to do our work. When in doubt, please don’t click.

To help you spot scam emails, watch for the new yellow banner now identifying all external emails. If this banner accompanies what appears to be an internal email, there is a problem. Notify IT Services of any suspicious emails using the Report Spam button in Outlook, or forward the message to infosecurity@tru.ca. Learn more at TRU’s Information Security Awareness training, mandatory for all employees — watch for an upcoming session or send infosecurity@tru.ca a request for training.

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