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Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive for TRU is a Cloud File Storage Service from Microsoft. OneDrive makes it easy to Save, Backup, and Share your Files and Documents through the Cloud.

This Article will Guide you through Installing Microsoft OneDrive if it isn't present on your Computer.

  1. Close any and all open Office Programs (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc...)

  2. Visit the OneDrive Download Page with your Web Browser

  3. Click the Download Button to start downloading the OneDrive Installer

  4. Wait for the OneDrive Installer to finish downloading

    Locate and Open the OneDrive Installer in your Browser or Finder

  5. Install Microsoft OneDrive will begin to install the OneDrive App

    Click Continue to proceed

  6. Destination Select: Leave the default option selected (Install for all users of this computer)

    Click Continue to proceed

  7. Installation Type: Leave the default options selected

    Click Install to proceed

  8. Installation: if prompted, Enter your Computer Login or Administrator Password

    Click Install Software to proceed

  9. Installation: Wait for the Installer to complete, this may take several minutes

  10. Summary: Once OneDrive has installed, Click Close to finish

  11. The Installer may prompt you to Keep or Delete the Microsoft OneDrive Installer

    Click Keep or Move to Trash according to your preference

  12. After the Installer closes, Locate and Open the OneDrive App from your Applicaitons Finder, App Launcher, or LaunchPad. You can also use the Spotlight Search (Command + Space) to search for and open OneDrive

  13. When the OneDrive App opens, Enter your or Email Address and Click Sign In

  14. Enter your Password and Click Sign In

  15. At this point, you may need to Authenticate with DUO Multifactor

    If a DUO Prompt appears, Click your preferred DUO Method and Complete to proceed

  16. OneDrive will now provide a short overview tutorial of how the OneDrive App and Folder work on your Computer

    Click Next to continue

  17. A warning will appear if you previously connected OneDrive on this Computer with your TRU OneDrive Account. Click "Use this folder" to continue. Do not choose new folder

  18. The overview tutorial will continue. Click Next to progress through each screen

  19. Click Later if the tutorial prompts you to "Get the mobile app"

  20. When the overview tutorial has completed, Click on "Open OneDrive folder" to view your OneDrive Folder on your computer

    You can also find the folder with your Finder: Look for the OneDrive - Thompson Rivers University folder in the File Pane of Finder

    Open this folder at any time by Clicking on the OneDrive App Icon and then Click on Open Folder

  21. OneDrive is now setup on your Computer. Files and Documents you place in the OneDrive Folder will be available anywhere you connect your TRU OneDrive Account

    For more information on OneDrive, see Related Articles ⇒

  22. If you encounter issues or error messages with Microsoft OneDrive, please Contact the IT Service Desk
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