Virtual Course Software & Setup

Best Practices

Information Security



Moodle Support and Take Home Software

At this time vendors have extended their licenses to allow home use of their software. These include Autodesk, Maple 2020, Spartan, SPSS, and Minitab 19. The enrollment key is help to join and login to the course information (Learning Without Walls).

Computer Labs

There are still labs available for student use. Please see current schedule. Each of the computers have been isolated by turning off every other station to enable social distancing. The janitorial staff cleans the computer rooms daily. If you are in the labs after hours, you must report to security at 1-250-828-5033.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Required for F drive and Remote Labs

Do you require access to the F drive or accessing software in the computer labs? If yes, please follow the VPN setup instructions.

DO NOT stay connected throughout the entire day. This may overload the server and put TRU’s information at risk.

F Drives

You can connect to F drives using VPN.

For personal computer, follow the map your network drive instructions.

Your use must be brief to ensure it does not overload the VPN and put TRU’s information at risk.

The best practice is to connect, download and upload your files, then disconnect.

Audio Presentations

IT Services’ preferred application for doing voice overs on your PowerPoint presentations is Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). It is a free and open source software that will allow you to do video recordings and edits. Please visit their website to install the software on your personal computer.

Web Conferencing

TRU is utilizing various web conferencing software for online classrooms. Read more about them here.



Additional Resources

TRU COVID-19 Updates

TRU recognizes that many individuals within our university community have questions regarding COVID-19 (formerly known as novel coronavirus). Link to full TRU related announcements.


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