Emergency Notifications

The Alertus System

TRU Takes Campus Safety Very Seriously.

As part of Occupational Health & Safety's Emergency Management Program, IT Services is enhancing our ability to respond in the event of an emergency with an emergency notification system on all computers. If there is a campus-wide emergency, an authorized representative of TRU will be able to issue an alert using the Alertus Emergency Notification System. You can be assured that this system will only be used for campus emergencies or to test system readiness.

The Alertus Software will only work if you are in one of the following TRU Locations:

  • TRU Kamloops Campus: including PCs or Macs using the TRU wireless networks.
  • TRU Williams Lake Campus: including PC's or Mac's using the TRU wireless networks.

Students, Staff, Faculty, and other campus partners (Daycare, TRUSU, Residence etc...) can install the software on their personal computers so that when connected to the TRU network (including wireless), the emergency notifications will be received.

Alternately you can setup notifications to your cell phone: see TRU Alerts.

The system will work on any device that accesses an active TRU network. For example, your personal laptop connected to the TRU wireless network.

If there is a campus wide emergency an authorized representative of TRU may issue a TRU alert using this Alertus Emergency Notification System. If you have the client installed you will receive this notification.

Click the Acknowledge button once you have read the alert.

Installation Instructions

Windows PC
Mac OS
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