TRU Guest Wi-Fi

Staff and Faculty can Setup Temporary Guest Wireless Accounts for their Guests

Logging in to the Wi-Fi Portal

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your TRU credentials
  3. Click on Create new Guest Account
  4. Fill in the appropriate fields for the Guest Account
  5. Select "I am the sponsor of this account and accept the terms of use".
  6. Click on Create.

If you require more assistance with creating a Guest Wireless Account, Submit a Guest Wireless Request

The default number of devices allowed to connect is 1 device.
If you need to increase this number, follow the instructions below in the section for increasing the number of devices.

Inactivity timeouts

If you are not actively working on the Internet your session may timeout. If this happens you will be redirected to the login page as soon as you try to access a webpage on the Internet. Currently the inactivity timeout is set for 1 hour. You may also be prompted to log in again if you move to a different location.

How Do I Allow More Devices to Connect with this Guest Account?
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