Digital Signage

What is This Service

This service can be used to request the purchase and installation of new digital signage, or to request assistance with existing signage.

New Signage

New digital signage can be requested from the Request New Signage form on this page.

When requesting new digital signage, please be aware of the potential costs involved. These are estimates only:

  • Flat screen TV - $ 1000 to $6000 (Dependent on screen size)
  • TV mount - $200
  • Network cabling - $400
  • Mini-PC player - $1300
  • Software - $ 300 per year (not prorated)
  • Electrical-Facilities - $300
  • Installation of TV - $250
  • Screen Protector box - $2700 (Location dependent)
  • Additional taxes as applicable

New requests will be sent to Marketing and Communications for approval.

Reporting an Issue

When reporting an issue with digital signage, please provide as much detail as possible. This should include the time the issue was noticed, location of the digital sign, contact information for the departmental contact, and any further information that may help us to resolve the issue.

Who is Eligible


Where Can I Get This Service

For requesting a new digital sign, select Request New Signage on this page.

For any technical issues, please select Report an Issue on this page.

How Do I Use This Service

When requesting new digital signage, please provide the following information:

  • Proposed Location
  • Business case for new signage

When reporting an issue, please provide the following information:

  • Location of signage
  • Description of issue
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