Degree Works

What is This Service

Degree Works is a web-based degree audit tool that allows students to track their academic progress towards their certificate, diploma or degree completion. Degree Works also creates a TRU Program Plan for students that outlines their program requirements.

TRU students admitted to a program can access their own degree audit through the MyTRU page. You may access this resource by using the Degree Works link under the Academic Record heading.

Academic and Program Advisors can review degree audits of students they advise for. Access is granted through an ASAR. You can find further information on ASARs here: Application and System Access Request

Who is Eligible

Employees and Students

Where Can I Get This Service

To access Degree Works as a student, start on the website. From there, you can find Degree Works under the heading Academic Record.

You may use this direct link: Degree Works



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