Converting a Personal Zoom Account to TRU Licensing

This process allows you to License a Zoom account that you previously created using your TRU email address (myTRU/TRU) with TRU Licensing. The reason that you would want to do this is because the TRU license allows users to have meetings with up to 300 people with up to 30 hours per meeting.


1. If when you are using SSO (Single Sign On) it prompts to confirm your email address like this:


2. Click the blue button that says "Confirm your email address"

3. Then sign into your email (see our knowledge base article on how to sign into your email) and you will find an email with the subject "Confirm the requested change to your Zoom account". In that email click the blue button that says "Switch to the new account"



4. Then click the blue button that says "I Accept My Account Change"


You will see this statement here:


After about 5 minutes you should get another email in your inbox with the subject "Zoom account invitation result" which will say the following:


Hi John Smith,

Your account has been switched successfully, you are now a member of the Zoom account(Thompson Rivers University).

Thank you for choosing Zoom.
-The Zoom Team


After you receive this email you will be able to log into your Zoom account using your TRU account.


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