Error: A Mailbox Couldn't Be Found

A Mailbox Couldn't Be Found for My Student T-ID?

If you login to Outlook Web Mail at, and receive an error message stating that a Mailbox Couldn't Be Found for MYTRU/Your_Student_Number, it means that you are not an Active TRU Student.

You will only have a TRU Student E-Mail if you are a TRU Student with an active course registration. The following types of Students will not have an active Mailbox:

  • Registered for myTRU: You have only just registered for a myTRU Account
  • Registered for Courses: You have registered for at least One (1) Course Offering from TRU, but not yet paid required fees, deposits, or tuition
  • Former Student or Graduate: You were a TRU Student, but it has been Two (2) or More years since you were an Active Student.

New or Returning Students who are actively registered in courses and have paid all required fees will be able to login at Twenty-Four (24) Hours after payment for fees is processed.

If you believe you should have a TRU Student E-Mail Account, and are unable to login, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.


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Tue 11/9/21 2:28 PM
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