Memo to Future Retiree

Memo to Future Retiree’s

Dear Retiree,

The TRU Employee Recognition Policy has for many years allowed employees retiring from TRU to keep their existing employee email accounts. However, this practice has resulted in privacy issues for the university.

Employee email accounts contain confidential university information and personal information that was obtained and saved in the account during work as an employee. Under privacy law, that information should no longer be accessible upon retirement. To ensure privacy is maintained, and at the direction of the TRU Information Security Committee, TRU is now setting up a separate retiree email account system.

If you wish to use your employee email in retirement, and would like to continue with a TRU retiree email account, you must reply to IT Service Desk within thirty (30) days PRIOR to your effective retirement date.

You will then work with IT Service Desk to transition to your new retiree email account—see instructions below. After that date, any email sent to your former employee address will automatically go to your new retiree account, so your contacts will be able to reach you without interruption. When you respond from your retiree account, please note your new address for your contacts.

This distinction allows you to keep your affiliation with TRU, but clearly indicates that you are no longer a TRU employee.

If TRU does not receive your reply within within thirty (30) days PRIOR to your effective retirement date, your current email account will be closed, and your email will be archived and managed according to TRU's Records Retention/Destruction Policy.

Instructions: How to transfer to retiree email 

1) Within your existing employee email account inbox, look for a new folder called Retiree Personal Email (IT Services will create this for you).

2) Move any personal emails you would like to keep into your Retiree Personal Email folder. Only move personal correspondence. University records must not be transferred. TRU retains the right to audit retiree email accounts to ensure only permitted records are transferred.

4) Your email address book and calendar will not be transferred, so also record any email addresses and future appointments that you wish to add to your new TRU retiree account within the allotted timeframe.

5) IT Services will transfer the contents of your Retiree Personal Email folder to your new account. Your employee email account will then be closed, and TRU will not access archives for items that you missed.

Please see the FAQs for more details.


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