Video - Setting up your TRU Provided Computer


Plugging everything into your computer (Desktop)
Plugging everything into your computer (Surface & Dock)
Plugging everything into your computer (Lenovo Laptop & Dock)
Plugging in your monitor(s)
Types of display cables and how to connect them
Setting up your Desk Phone (For if you did not take your desk phone home)
Setting up your Desk Phone (For if you took your desk phone home)
Plug everything into the wall

Your computer is now set up!

You have now finished setting up your computer and you can turn it on now.
Troubleshooting for various issues can be found in the following section.


My computer does not power on
My Monitors are not turning on
My mouse won’t move between my Monitors (Only for multiple Monitor setup)
My Computer has no Internet connection
Other Issues or Questions?

Your Computer is setup, and everything is working, What now?

  • Now that you are back on campus you no longer need to use the VPN to connect to Banner and your network drives
    • Please note if you are using a laptop on the Wi-Fi, you will still need the VPN
  • Let your admin assistant/department head know what equipment you brought back so that they can keep track of what has been returned and what hasn’t


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