Desktop Computing

Support, details and step-by-step guides for setting up your TRU computer and phone, and troubleshooting potential issues.

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How to find a device Serial Number

How to find a device serial number

Setup your TRU Provided Computer

What to bring and how to setup your equipment when moving equipment from between your home office and campus

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Collect System Information - Apple Mac (macOS)

How to gather your Computer Specifications for Apple macOS Computers

Collect System Information - Windows PC

How to gather your Computer Specifications for Windows PCs

File Naming Best Practices

Simple Guide for File Naming Conventions or Best Practices

Personal Device Technical Support Locations

Stores in and around Kamloops and Williams Lake to help you with your personal devices

Remote Access Software & Setup - Staff

Remote Access Software allows Staff working Off-Campus to connect to services such as your H:\ and O:\ Network Drives. The Global Protect VPN is required when accessing services remotely, or if On-Campus and connected to the network through WiFi

Testing Your Internet Speed

How to Test Internet Speeds at Home