FAQ: Staff, Admin and Faculty Lists

Where is the staff list? CUPE list? Faculty list?

The staff list (ECom Staff List), admin list (ECom Admin List) and faculty list (ECom Faculty List) and associated public folders have been deactivated.

The distribution lists for union groups (cupe-l and trufa-l), also known as listservs, remain, but access to post is now limited to respective union presidents and admin support to send membership related emails directly to members. This means that union-related information will be sent to directly to your Outlook mailbox. 


Why were these changes made?

The rationale for these changes is outlined in the Dec. 16 post on TRU Connect.

The post on OneTRU can be found here.
The post can also be found on MS Teams here.


How do I post something now that I used to on the staff list? To sell? To make a comment? Tell the community news? Departmental closures etc?

The TRU Marketplace (www.tru.ca/marketplace) is the new location to list items for buy/sell, employee discounts and non-TRU events.
If you have information that is related to the work done at TRU, it likely is better suited to be shared on TRU Connect via the TRU Connect submission form. This includes department closures.


How do I get something posted on TRU Connect? Will it be vetted? By whom?

To request a post for TRU Connect, please fill out the TRU Connect submission form.
A member of Marketing and Communications will review the submission and be in touch. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for posting.


I’m a TRU retiree. Can I have access to the TRU Marketplace? How can I stay connected about the types of items shared on the lists?

Thank you for reaching out and your continued interest in the TRU community. Last month, we announced changes to support more effective use of group lists, which included the deactivation of the staff and faculty lists and associated public folders. Outlook public folders are an outdated technology, meaning an increasing number of current faculty and staff no longer had access. Work-related posts and buy and sell posts are now housed in an internal environment that is only accessible to current faculty and staff.

We appreciate that you have found one or more of the lists a valuable resource but unfortunately our changes to support communication with current employees results in no further access for retired faculty and staff. If you’re not already doing so, we encourage you to follow our social media channels and/or regularly visit our website to stay connected.


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