Install Adobe Acrobat for Windows

Adobe Acrobat and Creative Cloud

A Guide for Installing Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Windows Computers at Home. Your computer must first be connected to the Internet in order to download and install Adobe Acrobat.

If you have an older version of Adobe Acrobat please visit the following guides:

Visit the Adobe Help Centre ( for assistance with any questions about Installing and Using Acrobat

  1. Open your preferred Web Browser and Visit the Adobe Download Page ( You can find simple instructions on this page for downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat with the Creative Cloud. There are also links to more in-depth help articles from Adobe

    Click the Download Acrobat button on the page

  2. Your Web Browser will Download the Installer Package for Adobe Acrobat

    Follow any guidance from your Browser to Locate and Run the Installer

  3. The Acrobat Installer may prompt you Sign In with your Adobe Account. It may launch your Web Browser, or you may Login through the Installer

    If you are not prompted to login by the Acrobat Installer, Continue on with Step #6 below

    Type In "" for the "Email Address" and Click Continue

  4. You will be prompted for your TRU Network Username and Password

    Enter your Network Username and Password, then Click Login

  5. Click Accept to acknowledge the login with your TRU Credentials

  6. Adobe Acrobat will begin to download and install Creative Cloud and the Acrobat Reader. This process may take a long time, depending on your Computer Hardware and Internet Connection Speed

  7. Click "Skip Question" to skip through the Acrobat Questionaire

  8. Click Continue after the Questionaire and Wait for the Installer to complete

  9. When the Installer is complete, it should Launch Adobe Acrobat. If Acrobat doesn't open automatically, Locate Adobe Acrobat from your Start Menu or Desktop and Run Acrobat

    See "Sign In or Activate Acrobat" below if you did not already Sign In during the installation process and are prompted to Sign In or Activate Adobe Acrobat when the application starts up for the first time. If you already signed in during installation, you can Continue to Step #10
    Sign In and Activate Acrobat
  10. You may see a Device Activation Limit Warning when Acrobat runs for the first time.

    Two Computers can be Activated for Adobe Acrobat simultaneously. If you are Signing In or Installing Acrobat on a third device, you will need to Deactivate at least one of the other devices. Use this prompt to Sign Out of the device where Adobe Acrobat was active the longest time ago to free up an Activation for your new device

    Click "Sign Out" for the device you have chosen

    Once your Device is Activated and Signed In, Click Continue to proceed

  11. A Tutorial/Tour may start. Click "Start Tour" to take the Tutorial, or Click on the "X" to close this message

  12. Adobe Acrobat may ask you to Make Acrobat the Default PDF Application

    Click Continue

  13. Click "Change..." to open a list to pick the Default PDF Program

  14. Click on Adobe Acrobat from the list of installed programs

    Click "Set Default"

  15. Click Apply, then Click OK

  16. Click Continue

  17. Adobe Acrobat Pro is now Installed and Activated for Use

  18. If you encounter issues, error messages, or are unable to Complete the Installation & Launch Adobe Acrobat, please Contact the IT Service Desk
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