How to use Examplify

  1. To download and log into the Examplify Testing Application, please see ExamSoft's Article
  2. You will now be able to download exams (once available to you) by selecting from the “Ready for Download” list within the lefthand menu.
    • You won’t have access to enter exams until you have received the unique assessment password from the printed exam.

  3. If you have an antivirus software on your device, please remember to disable it at the start of every exam. You can re-enable after you finish the exam. How to Disable Antivirus.
  4. When you’ve completed the exam and clicked Submit, you’ll see an upload screen with checkboxes; green check marks should appear as the answer file uploads.

  5. When your answer file is prepared and successfully uploaded, you’ll see a green screen which means you have successfully submitted your exam

  6. Leave Feedback: allows you to submit feedback to ExamSoft about the functionality of the Examplify application
  7. Return to Dashboard: navigates back to your Examplify dashboard where your answer file should now appear in the “Completed” section of the left-hand menu.




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