Read & Write

Read & Write is a software program designed to improve the literacy skills of individuals with reading and writing difficulties. The software provides a range of tools and features that can help users with reading, writing, and comprehension tasks.

  • Text-to-speech technology to read aloud any text on the computer screen
  • Word prediction feature to suggest words while typing
  • Spell-checking tool to identify and correct misspelled words in real-time
  • Vocabulary support with definitions and synonyms for unfamiliar words
  • Tools for organizing and summarizing text, including highlighters and sticky notes
  • Ability to create summaries of selected text


Complete the form below to register to use Read&Write as a TRU user.

Use a TRU email address (@tru or @mytru) to register. Use the same TRU email address when signing into the software to ensure full functionality.

Read & Write Form


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