Desktop Security Tools

Need desktop encryption, anti-virus, link scanner, anti spy ware, password management, or firewall tools? Choose one or more of the items below. 

All software is offered with the disclaimers of the vendors. TRU assumes no responsibility for personal computer instability or for damages potentially caused by the installation of software obtained through links posted on our website. We are not accountable for issues you may have surrounding the installation and/or use of said software.



Important Update About Sophos Home

As of November 20th 2021, Sophos has discontinued support for their free Home product. If you have this installed and have not upgraded your license your computer will be unprotected. More information on the change and how to upgrade can be found Here.

If you do not wish to continue using this Sophos Home product, follow the instructions provided by Sophos for Windows 7/8/10 or MacOS X/11/12 to uninstall the program.

Password Managers
 TRU Passwords should never be used for non-TRU systems or services
Secure File Deletion

Note: Permanently deleting files generally requires overwriting the disk location 35 times and takes quite a bit of time.

Other Security Tools


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