Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans or Zoom Account Request

What is This Service

TRU uses a variety of videoconferencing and collaboration platforms. This service may be used to report issues or request accounts for the platforms we currently support.

Microsoft Teams - Preferred Video Conferencing Program

Microsoft Teams is provided as part of the Microsoft 365 (formally Office 365) suite available to all students and employees. To gain access to your Teams account, you can go to or open the Teams desktop application.


Zoom accounts are available to all staff, faculty and students starting 02.23.2023.   Sign on using your network account at


BlueJeans accounts are limited to those that are unable to use the other two options (Microsoft Teams or Zoom) due to technical limitations in classrooms on campus.  We are no longer creating any new BlueJeans accounts.


A comparison of all the features that each platform offers can be found here: Conference Tool Comparison

Who is Eligible

Reporting an issue - Employees and Students

Where Can I Get This Service

To request assistance with these platforms, please select Report an Issue

How Do I Use This Service

When reporting an issue, please provide as much detail as you can. It can be helpful to us to know the time the issue occurred, if it was a scheduled call or meeting, or if anyone else had the same issue during that event.

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Service Offerings (2)

Report an Issue
Report an Issue with Microsoft Teams, Bluejeans, or Zoom.
Request an Account
It is no longer required to make a request for Zoom accounts.