Remote Access Software & Setup - Staff

Contractors requesting VPN access will need to have an ASAR submitted for them requesting that an account can be generated for logging into the VPN.

To help us better help you, we strongly encourage you to send your requests to us via email ( Issues received via email and phone go into the same queue and are given the same level of priority but email allows us to more efficiently and accurately share your issues with the right technicians.

Remember: if you are currently working off campus please include your contact information.



Virtual Private Network (VPN) - ONLY required for Banner and H & O drives

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Do you require access to O Drive, H Drive or Banner? If yes, and you do not already have VPN access, please follow these instructions to connect to the VPN.

DO NOT stay connected throughout the entire working day, because this may overload the server.

We request staff and faculty to complete their work in Banner promptly before disconnecting. Review the details in the H & O drive section with respect to VPN use.

Email (Outlook Webmail)

When off campus, faculty and staff should access their email via Outlook webmail.

OneTRU (SharePoint)

TRU provides OneTRU as an option to collaborate and communicate with your coworkers. Using SharePoint you can create and edit documents in real-time, and store and share project plans and departmental data with your team. Within OneTRU there are several support videos and documents to help you expand your SharePoint knowledge.


At TRUemployee you can find information about important campus announcements, timesheet submissions and approvals, tax and paystub information, leave balances, and benefits. In addition, you can purchase items online using a Web Requisition function and access financial information through FAST. Please visit TRUemployee for more features. 

Remote Meetings

Desktop video collaboration tools utilizes software installed on your computer to host remote conferences using a microphone and a webcam.

Review more information on individual tools and a comparison matrix.


Existing Laptop

Faculty and staff with a university owned laptop may choose to take their device home to work from home.

Existing Desktop

Departments may choose to permit faculty and staff to take home their desktop computers including all relevant cables as circumstances demand.

In this event, it is strongly preferred that the individual sets up their own computer at home. If you proceed with transferring your desktop computer home, please be sure to take photos of your current desktop setup (including cables in the back) before beginning this transition for your own reference.

Please view the desktop setup instructions.

Maintaining Equipment Inventory

Each department's Administrative Assistant is to maintain an inventory of computer equipment sent home including the description and serial numbers of the equipment. The Administrative Assistant is also to document and make note of when equipment items are returned.

New Equipment

TRU does not have the inventory to duplicate equipment for staff and faculty if they choose to work both from home and on campus. Vendors are also currently unable to provide deliver times due to COVID-19.

If new equipment is needed to support working from home, please contact the IT Service Desk with the specific item (provide links) you are wanting to purchase. However, please be advised there may be considerable wait times.

Personal Computers

You may be able to use your personal computer at home in some cases. Ensure that your virus protection is up-to-date and that your internet connection is secure. Please be advised that IT Services is unable to provide support for this until further notice.

    • Review anti-virus information
    • Ensure your OS is up-to-date and has been patched
    • You must be the only user of the computer, which cannot be shared with other family members.
    • Validate that you have a secure internet connection by using a password to access your Wi-Fi
    • Use VPN ONLY when necessary to complete your work (we have a limited number of VPN spaces available). Disconnect when you are finished needing to be connected.

It is preferred that callers contact staff and faculty directly on their cellphones to minimize load on the system. Please update your voicemail greeting to direct people to contact you on your cellphone. 

To access voicemail off campus:

  1.   Phone your regular office number.
  2.   While the greeting is playing, press * button (depending on mailbox setup, you may have to listen to entire greeting).
  3.   Enter your password when prompted.
  4.   All menu options are the same as regular access.

Please DO NOT forward your desk phone calls to your cellphone unless absolutely required. This will overload the phone system and result in less available connections.

H & O Drives

You can connect to H & O drives using the VPN.

For personal computers, follow the map your network drive instructions.

Your use must be brief to ensure it does not overload the VPN.

The best practice is to connect, download and upload your files, then disconnect.  

Digital Signatures

Digital signature tools utilizes either web based or software installed on your computer to enable you to sign a document electronically.

Review more information on individual digital signature tools.

Office 365

TRU Employees can use Office 365 online with browser-based applications and can download applications to personal devices for free!


TRU Employees who have signed up for Office 365 have free online storage connected to their Office 365 accounts. Files can be shared with others (view only or edit access).


Newer laptops come with webcams, but older models and desktops do not. A webcam will allow you to join video conferences. If you do not have a webcam, IT Services has a LIMITED supply that will be vetted prior to being provided.

If you need to purchase a webcam for yourself, please speak with your administrative assistant about ordering one (to be reimbursed at a later date). Look for one with a microphone unless you already have a headset with a microphone. 


Additional Resources

TRU COVID-19 Updates

TRU recognizes many individuals within our university community have questions regarding COVID-19 (formerly known as novel coronavirus). Link to full TRU related announcements

Educause COVID-19

This resource page was created to help higher education institutions plan for possible campus disruptions by COVID-19. It provides up-to-date information on campus closures and resources for how the higher education community is responding with business continuity plans and resources for working remotely.


Get Support

The IT Service Desk is available to help you set up and resolve technical issues so you can keep working. As always, you can email us at However, due to the increased volume of requests please expect delays.


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