Outlook Performance

Tips & Tricks

Email is an essential communication resource for TRU employees.  Below are some steps that you can take to ensure that your email has the best chance at quick response times and minimal errors.

When you go through these troubleshooting steps please close and re-open Outlook between each step to ensure that all changes are fully processed.

Please note: If your Outlook is only slow between 9am and 3pm, regular business hours, the below troubleshooting may not fully resolve your issues. IT Services is working to resolve the daytime lag issues.


Turn on Cached Exchange Mode
Choosing how long to keep mail offline
Clear the Outlook Cache
Run Outlook in Safe Mode
Add Shared Mailboxes Using Recommended Method
Remove Unused Shared Mailboxes
Mobile Devices - Use Outlook App
Recreate your Outlook Profile


If after trying all of the above troubleshooting methods your Outlook is still running poorly, please contact the IT Service Desk so that they can gather further information that will help IT Services to find the root of this problem.

The contact information for the IT Service Desk can be found Here.


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